What does it mean when someone says damn you

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Well back in the days of when Religion had its Outburst of conformity, or even the bible, the word Damnation means to have god send ones soul be sent to hell, and when people say Damn you, they're pretty much saying God, send you to hell.

But Now-a-days, it's never meant as that (I think) it became too much of modern-day language that most people forgot its meaning behind it.

BUT yea that's what it really means. to have your soul sent to hell.

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it depends on the context it was used. it is usually said when someone is frustrated or irritated by something you said.

But other than that christinversion is correct.

Do you say "got damn" or "god damn"?

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It means like "damn you" as in I hope you're damned to hell.

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