What does it mean when a guy tips his hat?

About two days ago me and my mom went for a walk at the park. Usually there aren’t many people there at the time we go but this time there were a few people. There was this one guy in particular who was walking behind a little boy who I’m guessing was his nephew or something. The weird part was, he was in long pants and was wearing a hat even though it was real hot outside. I didn’t get a good look at his face or anything but my mom said supposedly he looked to be in his 20’s maybe. We walked by him like twice but the second time we walked by him, out of the corner of my eye I saw that he tipped his hat while looking at me. I thought maybe it was my imagination because I wasn’t really paying attention all that much but my mom pointed it out and said she saw it too. I was thinking that’s a really random thing for a guy to do if you’re just walking lol. So my question is what does it mean when a guy tips his hat? Is that like something a guy does to be a gentleman? I’m just curious

Answer #1

its a way of saying hello…its just a polite gentleman thing to do

and how is he creepy satanheadbangstometal??? your username is creepy:/

Answer #2

It’s an old fashioned way of saying hello, or acknowledging a person’s presence. It was used back in the 20s or 30s when men wore hats all the time. Tipping one’s hat is a sign of respect. Hats were often tipped to ladies, while men shook hands with other men. Ladies would curtsey in return.

Answer #3

He could be flirting or he could just be being friendly.

Who knows, but what a creeper! Haha


Answer #4

I take it as a polite gesture of hello, kind of like a greeting. :)

Answer #5

Yes it’s like a hello in a sence. It’s a kind gesture :)

Answer #6

hahahahhaahahah. its the gangsta way of sayin “yo sup I like you”

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