What does it mean when a guy calls you beautiful?

What does it mean when a guy calls a girl, "beautiful"? I read somewhere that guys rarely use the term, "beautiful" to describe a woman..they usually say she is "hot" or cute" and if they do say "beautiful" it must mean they really like them..This guy I know is confusing me a lot...Last weekend we were all at a bar (he was very drunk though) but he started touching my face and saying I was the most beautiful girl he has ever seen..And just tonight a bunch of us friends were hanging out and talking..I mentioned that I had 3 other sisters and he said, "are they all as beautiful as you"? So what does this mean? Could it mean he really likes me or it doesn't even matter? He is so confusing to me!

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I hope your not falling for someone just because he called you beautiful. Take it as a nice compliment, and leave it at that! We girls get compliements like that ALL the time...doesnt mean the guy likes us!!!

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Don't fall fpor a guy that called you beautiful;. just take it as an everyday compliment. Poeple say that all the time >.<"

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really we dont know what to take it as ...he canb like you and he may not...no one knows except him so you can ask him or just leave it alone

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it means they find u amazing to look at, it depends how they say it really if they are just saying "hi beautiful" they dont really mean it its just a way of greeting you.

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