What does it mean when a girl wants to fall asleep in your arms?

I was txting my soon to be girlfriend last night and she said that she wished I was there so she could fall asleep in my arms and knew she was safe. She also said she wanted me to hold her forever and never let go. What does this mean?

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She simply saying she would love to fall asleep cuddling with you...you know with you holding her. It's a safe and comforting feeling to have someone hold you and forever meaning she doesn't want this good thing between you two to ever end...she really must have strong feelings for you.

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I think it means that she wants to be with you so she could like snuggle with you and have your arms around her to feel safe. It could also mean that she wants to sleep with you but not like that. Just like sleep in the same bed with your arms around her and not do anything sexual... just be there. Hope I helped

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I say that to my guy when im scared and I want to feel his arms around me I dont want to do anything with him just cuddle...it makes girls feel safe and good when the can feel strong arms around them holding them tight:)

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Yeah, I don't really agree with rosie, but to each their own.

I think it means exactly what she says. She mentioned feeling safe. She wants to be able to go to sleep knowing that you're there with her. She obviously feels safe and comfortable with you.

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Uhm, it doesnt automatically mean she wants you to finger her. People find comfort in being snuggled up with someone else and falling asleep in their arms. I like cuddling, but that doesnt mean I want to have sex with someone. What the hell?

It pretty much means she just wants to be with you.

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dude its so obvious she wants you to be there to do stuff!!! as in fingering making out or sex!!! thats all bye!

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it just means shes madly in love with you! doesnt mean she wants to do sexual things with you..

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she wants to be with you and cuddle up.

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it means that she's really into yuhh and that she just wants yuhh to hold her and show that yuhh care for her.

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