What does it mean when a guy you snuggle an have sex with nvr kisses u?

This guy I knew back ages ago.. came down from queensland to help his mum. We caught up and it was good. He wanted to catch up again so invited him to my house. We hooked all night that night and it was great. And then night after was passionate. Then he tells me there is girl in QLD who he had been dating is coming down… so I never existed. He is totally inlove with her… but things have gone sour and she is not talking to him. But he still loves her. He’s come back and now living with me. We cuddle every night… like holding each other whilst going to sleep. And occaisonally have sex. But he never kisses me!! and it’s frustrating, because it makes me feel like he isn’t into me and just using me, but I do like him. He has admitted he does love me a little bit but I dont know if I believe it. All of this has happened over 3 months… is he just a player??

What should I do?

Answer #1

well are you even going out? because if your not going out then yes hes using you for sex, and your allowing him to use you because you like him so if your not dating, dont have sex with him, he clearly still loves the other girl and most likley doesnt want to kiss you because he doesnt want to do the more intimate things in a relationship (something he will do with her but not with you, because your not her)

Answer #2

maybe he is using you, but there is always a chance he just dusnt like kissin (unlikely I know bt I like to look on the bright side xxx :D )

Answer #3

It sounds like he is just getting a house to stay in and a girl to have sex with, without the baggage. Is he paying rent, lol!?

I think he is a player and is just using you.. Kissing is very passionate and loving.. and if he is willing to put his penis inside you and not put his lips near your lips, he is a pig. Just using you, cut him loose. I would even kick him out of the house. Tell him to go back to his little girlfriend in QLD. What a creep.

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