what does it mean to drem about dead babies who were hung?

ok do last night I dreamt my family and I were going for a walk. and as we were walking we started getting into a woody area. I looked around and noticed that there were a bunch of babies hung in the tree limbs. the worst part was that everything was so freakishly vivid. And the babies weren’t all the same . . . they were different ages, shapes, races, sizes, etc. But I remeber one in particular. it was a baby girl who looked about two or three had a cute little face but it was covered in blood, including her hair. She had little scrapes on her legs and knees. and slightly bloody scratches on the rest of her body. she had a loose tank top on with a pair of worn loose jean shorts. I felt a weird emotion go thru my body as I stared at the lifeless limp baby and couldn’t help but cry, and my family started to get mad at me while I started to freak out on them, thats when I woke up sweaty and freaking out. I was so worked up I started to cry. I felt scared and couldn’t go to sleep for the rest of the night… What do you think it could possibly mean??

Answer #1

It never fails, my Mother has nightmares everytime she eats Ocean Perch or Shrimp. For some reason what we eat can have a huge effect on how our brain processes our thoughts. Also , and I AM NOT saying that you are or ever have been on drugs, but I am a 7 year clean addict and when I quit I had nightmares for about a wekk or so. Another thing I have heard is that if you are worried about something that in your dreams it can manifest itself mediphorically, so instead of being anything about babys, it could have something to do with a trip you have to take and your are dreading it, or something of that nature. I agree with the above posts that it doesnt mean that you are weird or that you will actually encounter this. I hope these posts helped atleast a little I know how it feels to have one of those dreams that you can’t shake cause it felt so real. I’ll also say that when I was a young girl and I was abused by my Step-mother I used to dream weird and scary things as well, just something to chew on. I wish you luck with sorting this out.

Answer #2

I agree, I have had a lot of scary, weird dreams and I have always wondered if there was something wrong with me, but sometimes your dreams are just reflections of memories of what you had done during the day mixed with your imagination which may have made it frightening in some way.

Answer #3

dreams are things that dont belong in your head so its kind alike at night your head kinda just throughs them out and also its how you face some of your fears that sometimes you didnt know you even have weired things can make you have dreams like this maybe wating something you havent in a while and very fatty saltie foods

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