What does it mean if a guy calls you sweetheart?

I've met this guy for quiet a while , we are kinda like friends , we dont see each other often but we do talk a lot on a social site but no long conversations. But one day , just the next day after we met he told me on a social site : hey sweetheart , how are you ? Well to you guy what does it mean , does he like me or what?he doesnt call other people like that , im really confused...

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he could prbably like you. ask him

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It could be a flirtatious gesture and maybe you could say something like sweetheart back to him and see where it leeds. and you could ask him what he meant by it and about his feelings towards you. hope this helped!

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Umm well it could mean a lot of things. Sometimes guys just throw pet names like that around and other times it could mean something. If it was only the day after you met him though, you could probably assume(If you met him in person) that he was acting on physical attraction despite the fact that he doesn't know you that well yet.

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