What does it feel like and I break my hymen?

I have been trying to break my hymen and I stuck an expo marker up yesterday and today (It was sanitized with antibacterial soap and water) and when I removed there was a very small amount of blood on it. I am going to up a size and use a round microphone from Halloween (it’s one I got on clearance and its huge and long.) and I know that will probably break it for sure if it is not broken already. When I fingered myself afterwards it was looser than usually. Did I finally break it? It did hurt like hell. Is that how it is supposed to feel?

Answer #1

Its already broken I bet. My girlfreind broke hers when we were 13 when she got kicked in the vagina by another girl…

Answer #2

your hymen can get broken by things like masturbating, fingers, sex toys, tampons, horse riding, bicycle riding, aggressive sports and exercise so you could have broken it ages ago the blood could have been your hymen but it also could be because you hurt yourself and were too rough up there and if you can fit anything inside your vagina your hymen is broken

Answer #3

you are stupid why would you want to do that

Answer #4

You likely did break it if you felt pain while inserting the item..

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