What does he want? Me or her?

Okayy, mii ex-boyfriend && I have recently started talkinqq aqain after like a month of not talkinqq && he told me that he still has feelinqqs for me. He is callinqq me babe && treatinqq me as iff I were still his qf. We had to end our relationship because he lives in NYC && I live in florida. I asked him iff he broke up with his qf or sumthinqq but he said he didn’t. I am soo confused ! Who does he want?! please please helpp mee.

Answer #1

hes playing ya..

just tell him to stop phoning, texting as your not intrested in him..

and as hes blatantly admitted that hes not finished with his girlfrind which means hes cheating or attempting to cheat with you..

put yourself in her shoes ;)

Answer #2

he is playing with your mind move on read thee book hes just not that into you, it will make you see guys and the game 4 what it is and it will help you to move on and find someone who really deserves you hess prob calling you when shes not around and your prob not the only 2 girls in his life

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