What does having a dream about hugging your crush mean?

Okay so I had a dream that I was hugging the boy I had a crush on, what does this mean? I also had another one that we were boyfriend and girlfriend, it actually felt real, when I woke up I was so happy but then I realised after about 5 minutes it was only a dream! Can anyone tell me what these dreams mean? I also had another one that I was with a stranger and I thought he was very nice and cute but I don't remember seing his face? please help me and thanks...

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I know I do like him, but thaqnks for the suggestion. I'm really confused about these dreams! I don't even know why I even get them in the first place.

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maybe you actually like him. I know this is wierd, but could other commenters help me? There's this cute boy in all my classes, and I may like him, I have no idea. anyway, I dreamt that we were working in some store, and we must have broken up or something, though I never dated him in real life, but he said that we were tailor made for each other or something like that an we hugged. any idea what that eans? help me!

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I'm guessing it means that you really like him and that you want to hug him and be his girlfriend as for the other dream maybe you just want to be with someone.

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