What does freeware mean?

I saw freeware for Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 and was wondering if this is just a trial? It doesn’t make sense for it to be free right, because then who’d buy it?

Answer #1

but sometimes people say freeware and it turns out to be a trail its happend to me :)

Answer #2

freeware - computer software distributed without charge.

courtisy of dictionary.com

Answer #3

Freeware = no trial, free to use, wtih some restrictions.

Shareware = restricted software, typically a free trial, after which time you need to make a purchase, OR it’s free for personal, academic or non commercial use…

But, it really depends - whenever you get software, it’s YOUR responsibility to read the T&C’s, as it’s on you if you break them.

Answer #4

@alishapannell there can be freeware on trials too. it simply means that there is no charge and no commitment when downloading said freeware. though, USUALLY freeware are not trials. I hope this helped :)

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