What does coffee do to your body?

im 13 years old and I drink coffee. what are all the things it does to my body? and is it bad for me?

Answer #1

Caffeine does stunt growth, yes, and it’s a stimulant, and it’s highly addictive. And becoming an addict to anything at a younger age is worse than later.

Honestly, it’s better to be able to physically and efficiently wake up and get going without the use of any kind of substance.

Answer #2

coffee is shit for you, the only reason people drink it is for the caffeine… caffeine is a stumulant, it will wake you up and make you more alert.

Answer #3

I only have one cup when I wake up. but I have it everyday. and someone said that drinking coffee can stop you from grwoing. is that truee?

Answer #4

This is a positve FACT about coffee though… Coffee wake the brain up on the morning !! its the best thing you can have in the morning… just not recomended for bed time , and too much during the day… I used to be addicted to coffee , but know im addicted to tea… coffee has high caffine in it , so you have to know your limits on how much your body can take !! if you reallu love your coffee have 2 cups before in the morning when you get up , before your dinner !! not after !! at your age , when you get older your body will need more then that a day ! hope I helped somewhat x

Answer #5

try something else in the morning, like flavoured tea or chocolate milk. tea is probably the healthier option

Answer #6

I hate the smell and look of coffee

Answer #7

Well I’m your age and had only two coffees today, and I cannot stop shaking; the shaking is pretty bad.

Answer #8

yeah if its not decafe it is it relle messes up your nerves

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