What does clicking your heels together mean?

Okay, so in an episode of Hannah Montana I saw this guy Jackson clicking his heels together and saying something like "There's no place like home".
I also saw this commercial on tv where this guy clicked his heels together 2 times and then he was like home sitting on a table eating this delicious food.

Mmm, I'm not from the US, so I had no idea what that meant, but I heard it had something to do with the Wizard of Oz? (I never saw that movie)
I just want to know, cus I've seen it several times on tv :D

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its from the wizard of oz when dorthy clicks her heals three times saying there no place like home and then she wakes up at her house.

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Yes, it's from the movie the Wizard of Oz. At the end of the movie - the good witch Glinda tells her that all she has to do to go home again is Click her Heels together and say "There's no Place Like Home"

You really should watch that movie - it's a classic and a really good film.

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its from the wizard of oz . youve probably seen it so many times because that movie is a superrr classic . its awesome =) lol . and so is hannah montana ! I love that show ! lol . hope I helped =]

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That is how Dorothy gets back home in the Wizard of OZ.

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I think you repeat it 3 times to work - this sent Dorothy back to Auntie Em's home in Kansas.

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