what does antidishestablishmentarianism mean?

what does antidishestablishmentarianism mean?

Answer #1

wtf I thought it meant something like disliking starbucks or like you know big corporations

Answer #2

LOLOL I love that word!

Answer #3

if you mean…Antidisestablishmentarianism if so heres a link that might help you http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antidisestablishmentarianism

Answer #4

Thats what I am!…lol it’s

The movement succeeded in predominantly Anglican England, but failed overwhelmingly in Roman Catholic Ireland – where the Church of Ireland was disestablished in 1871 – and in Wales whose four Church of England dioceses were disestablished in 1920, subsequently becoming the Church in Wales. Antidisestablishmentarian members of the Free Church of Scotland delayed merger with the United Presbyterian Church of Scotland in a dispute about the position of the Church of Scotland.

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