What does a Black-Asian look like?

This is NOT a racist question in any way shape or form. I am simply wondering what a cross between a black person and an asian person would look like? Is that possible? This is simply Curiosity!

Answer #1

well its very hard to tell unless you ask a person. Many african americans have strong features that you really cant tell, but many look like they are black, but they have slanted eyes and they come in varieties of shades; light, dark, medium brown, and more. Just look up Kamora Lee Simmons, Tyson Beckford, Amerie, and there are A LOT MORE that you will be suprised to see. Alsom Naomi Campbell is too.

Answer #2

lol I’m part asian

Answer #3

Look at a picture of Tiger Woods,

his mother is Asian, I believe Thai, and his father was Black.

Answer #4

wow. I never knew that. .. just… WOW Hes in deep doo dooo right now.,

Answer #5

They are usually (in my opinion) very beautiful. My fathers old boss was married to a Japanese lady and they have very attractive children.

Answer #6

wow I never knew Tiger woods was half asian xD

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