What does...Down to Earth mean?

Down to Earth mean? Like, if someone said you were a “down to earth” kind of person, what are they saying about your personality?

Answer #1

someone who is just a basic, non fussy, high matienance person…”girl next door” type…someone easy to deal with and doesnt sweat the little things and appreciates the simple things.

Answer #2

In reality, it means that you are not big headed, therefore not flying away in the clouds, since your head is not full of hot air.

Answer #3

it means your easy to get on with and you dont act like you’re something special

Answer #4

that your a realist… you dont overreact… more or less you are some one they could go to…

Answer #5

You pretty much gather the facts and are calm and collected when most are in a panic.

Answer #6

You have senes and you tell the truth and calm person

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