What doe the symbol ;-) stand for?

What does the symbol ;-) stand for?

Answer #1

If you simply type the ; ) with out the space you get the winking smiley ;) and if you do the : ) with out the space you get :)

Answer #2

haha its a wink ; ) basically who eva sends it to ya your gettin winked at hehehe XD

Answer #3

apple use to use this logo for a while on there old computers, but other that that its not used for computers unless its all seperate such as ; - ) is used a lot for different functions and tasks such as command prompt or in programming

Answer #4

Its simply a smiley face, you say something that made them happy or made them smile :-) see? Semi colens are eyes, dash is nose para is smile


Answer #5

It’s a winky face

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