What do youll think about Ghosts though?

For me I believe in Ghosts a little but not as munh as a child though,like one time as a child I was sleeping and I feel some thing was thouching me on the arm.

Answer #1

im not sure…I’ve seen some paranormal reality shows, so it’s hard for me to decide.

Answer #2

dont belive cus everything has a explanation to it

Answer #3

I believe in ghosts completely. In fact, my house is believed to be haunted.. My parents aren’t huge believers.. But they’ve had experiences too. So.


Answer #4

yeh your mind can play tricks lool

I believe in them the thing that freaks me out is when a baby stars at something and cry apparently they can see ghosts to lol that freaks me out

Answer #5

“ghost”? No, first of all its not ghost its spirits Natrual being that roam the earth either because there sole purpose was not accomplished. Spirits 100% Are Very Much Real.. Spirits Know nothing of the dead and cannot harm the living so dont be afraid. Those movies that you see are FAKE and you should not worry About Having them Harm You.

Answer #6

I don’t believe in anything I haven’t experienced myself that has no scientific logic to back it up. Most ghost stories I’ve heard have had a logical explanation behind it. When people don’t know what’s going on, they tend to resort to the supernatural, which isn’t a good idea at all in my opinion.

Answer #7

I believe there is in fact ghosts. Like demons and things like that are real, its even in the Bible. a lot of people don’t believe whats in the Bible, but I do. So Yes, I believe in Ghosts.

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Answer #8

Ghosts, spirits. They’re the same thing. Anyways I do believe in ghosts. I believe your spirit does something when you die and there’s so many ghost stories out there so I honestly think it’s stupid if someone doesn’t believe at all

Answer #9

Katgores, saying that there’s so many ghost stories out there that it’s stupid if someone doesn’t believe at all is like saying there’s so many Christians out there it’s stupid if someone isn’t one or doesn’t believe in God.

Answer #10

I didn’t say anything about Christianity and people not believing in God. Where the hell did that come from? I honestly think it’s close minded if someone thinks ghosts aren’t real. I mean then what do we do when we die? That’s like saying ufos or aliens aren’t real when it’s obvious that we’re not the only life in this whole universe. But don’t take what I say so seriously. It’s my personal opinion

Answer #11

I realize that, and I wasn’t meaning you were implying anything about Christianity, I was only using it as an example. I was just saying that something shouldn’t necessarily be deemed real or true just because there’s a large group of people who believe in it or have stories because they can be simply that, stories or fairytale’s. You’re entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to mine, I have no problem with you believing in ghosts, I just don’t think you should frown on people who can logically prove that they don’t.

Answer #12

I believe in em, in fact there was this little old lady in my town, very very sweet and she died :( she was very religious. and we had been doing a christmas re-enactmant of the night christ was born, and we were all getting ready back stage and we took a group picture. I felt this brush of wind by me but I didnt think much of it. The next day we got the pics developed and there was a ghost standing next to me, with a smile on its face. Not a creepy one, a very sweet one. I don’t know if its the lil old lady but some people claim it is.

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