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What do you think of WATCHMEN?

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First, happy new year to all...second, at last one of my favorites Comic books had been made into film based from the comic book created by Alan Moore: WATCHMEN. Wrote as a 12 issue limited series by Mr. Moore and art by Dave Gibbons and colorist Matt Higgins in 1986-87 ) printed by DC Comics. Mr. Moore being the creator of comics now being made on film (V for Vendetta , The League of Extraordinary Gentelmen) and worked on others in the DC Justice League characters and on some other Comic Book Companies, His most memorable work been WATCHMEN. The story develops in a Real World with treat of Nuclear War and with a 'Justice Legue team' that are realistic as with their personalities not being archetypes as 'the goody two shoes' and 'the ever shining hero' ..they are normal as they have not likes for each other as superficialy people see and as a social chritique of the 1980's United States (as all Alan Moore's Comic books) not the comic or the film (if based entiredly in the story) is suited for children , being very Graphic in some instances, but a GREAT story to be on Film.

My question is WHAT DO YOU THINK OF WATCHMEN (if you had read the Graphic novel collecting the story ) and WOULD YOU WATCH THE FILM?

For me I know I've been waiting for the film and WILL see it (my friends too are excited about it ..some of us we did read it since high school and fans of Alan Moore's works.:)

But I would like to see and listen to other people's opinions,too. What they think of His works.