What do you think of this

What would you think if two guys from the council parked in your driveway, got out and cut the grass for like 2 minutes and then drove off again.

Answer #1

leave a note on your lawn telling them to finish it next time. maybe trim the bushes too.

Answer #2

I’d be really freacken confused. also, tell someone who can help, just in case

Answer #3

I think that that is very creepy and you need to tell a parent or the police ASAP!

Answer #4

and also they didn’t exactly look like council members either. They were just wearing the fluro yellow vest thing that they wear. The last time I saw a guy wearing one was when the house had been robbed.

Answer #5

wow. that is so disturbing and misterious. well, just tell someone older than you and make sure that they can help. and also, secure your house everytime.

Answer #6

I would proly go to the police or do something about that its sounds really creepy if you ask me.

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