What do you think of the series Lost?

Just wondering what your opinion is on the series Lost? Is it not the most drawn out. complicated, complex, disorganized and expensive production out there.. and hey put out by ABC? Each season has around 23 episodes and has been going on for 6 years you do the math.. its the most expensive thing going on at the moment beyond the stock market and illicit drug trade.. what a scam. hey I watched it start to current but what other series is so complex that it needs to break it down once a season and have an episode to explain things so everyone understands. im not saying im into dribble yet this is an example of too complex a story line for an hour timeslot. yet has amazing ratings and is not HBO or showcast so go primetime yet still…

Answer #1

I absolutely LOVE it!you just have to watch all the seasons to understand everything.

Answer #2

your write,it was WAY to hard to follow

Answer #3

I think it is a good series, but they skip around a lot in the 5th season..Its hard to follow. But if you buy the all the seasons out you can watch little by little and possibly understand it more. Thas what I did :P

Answer #4

no, I definitely get what they are trying to convey. its just jumbled, im thinking more than it has to be. And they timed it that this would be the last season. maybe cause of the expense of renting a few Hawaiian islands for 6 years?

Answer #5

We gave up on “Lost” before the end of the first series. Nothing was happening and the series was going nowhere. I guess, like many U,S. TV series, “Lost” will finish up when it (the program) runs out of steam, and viewers.

Answer #6

I watched the first season,was exciting at first but then I got kinda bored and lost interest.its too drawn out,they shud have did just 1 season

Answer #7

Was an interesting show, glad I committed myself to following it!

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