What do you think of gay marriage

What are your thoughts on gay marriage..
I am for gay marriage... I'm straight .. I think if you love someone no one should be able to say you cant get married if you want to ..

What are your thoughts

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I think you should marry whoever you want to marry ...(God gave us free will and therefore by marrying whoever you want is basically you exercising your free will) ...and I dont think other people should judge and disown you because of it

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I hate it when people say it is wrong and it shouldnt be aloud because it is in the bible .. but the goverment doesnt care what else is in the bible and seperation of church and state .

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lol :)

I think its a little ironic that religious people spout about how bad it is to have sex outside of marriage but then wont let people get married...

What do ya'll think about gay marriage?
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hey I feel that gay people shoud have the right to have a long boring miserable marriage just like everybody else...lol

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What I find ironic is that the divorce rate is shockingly high, we've got all kinds of social problems mainly caused by disfunctional families, we've got unwanted pregnancies, and all the rest of it...

...and despite all of this, people are concerned that gay marriage is going to ruin the sanctity of the institution of marriage. I think that sanctity has been blown out of the water. If God's going to rain fire and brimstone on us for allowing homosexual marrage, I'd say his priorities are a little mixed up.

There's nothing wrong with it. Let it happen...

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I think its absolutely ridiculous that people are against gay marriage.
Anyone should be able to get married to whoever they want, whether it be same or opposite sex. Some people are all "marriage should be between a man and a women", thats okay if some people think that but that shouldn't get in the way of gay people being legally allowed to get married. I cant believe any government would even allow that type of law, there are so many bad things going on in this world and they are focusing on gay people getting married? Like seriously... c'mon!

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im also for gay marriges, I have gay friends and theres nothing rong with gay people at all!!!

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ya doesn't bother me

Why does he do this? Is he gay? Hellp??

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yea I've been trying to figure out how gay marriage "destroys the santity of marriage"
thats the biggest load of bull I've heard yet.

I love my wife and no matter hwho gets married, man-man woman-woman what ever it dosnt mean our bond or marriage is anything less.

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