What do you think of 2.0?

As you know, my new album, 2.0 is in stores. If you’ve heard it or own it, could you tell me how you like it? I like it but I would love to hear from you guys as well. Thanks! I really appreciate it so the next album will be even better! JB

Answer #1

I have the Album and Tbh its amazing :) I love overboard& Stuck in the moment & that should be me !! They are so touching and Beautiful! I love you Justin!!!

Answer #2

fearlessxo 1555- I like her as a friend, like a big sister!!! JB

Answer #3

Hi Justin, Im not sure if its REALLY you but, I just wanna say I LOVE YOU!!! I love your music and your really cute too. I wanted to say that I didnt buy it yet, im sorry :( but I will soon. Keep up the good work. Please reply.

Answer #4

Great! It was fun reccording Baby! For some reason, I started laughing really loudly while reccording it so we had to start over! JB

Answer #5

aha((: I don’t know if this is really justin or not, but yeahh I bought 2.0(: and I frikin love it, my favorite songs are baby and that should be me((:

Answer #6

Hey I didnt buy it but I heard it ws great. Im not really sure if you are justin bieber though but if you are write back!!!

Answer #7

Ok I wrote back!

Answer #8

lol what do you think of selena gomez?

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