What do you think...nipple piercings gross or sexy?

So I wanted a nipple piercing but my boyfriend is strongly against it. I think they’re awesome, but he seems to think they’re nasty and take away from natural beauty. I’m not going to get it since he’s going to be the one looking at my boobs but what do you think: Nipple piercings yay or nay?

Answer #1

Definitely yea. They add just the right amount of bad-girl mystique to really make me wonder what’s going on in someone’s head, and have a lot more trashy flair than the ubiquitous tattoo.

A little trashy is nice. And they’re fun to play with.

Answer #2

if you get pregnant and breast feed your nipples will split. I dont like it on girls (im bi)

Answer #3

I’m with your boyfriend, I think they look nasty and trashy, but it’s your choice :)

Answer #4

nay, and thats sounds really painful

Answer #5

IMO, yay for a guy. Girl it depends. I like them though. I’m getting mine done next week.

Uhmm whoever said it’ll split when you breastfeed is REALLY wrong. Your supposed to take the jewelery out when you breast feed it can hurt the baby’s mouth. I agree with Mikeh though for the most part, they are fun to play with haha. =P Oh and they aren’t trashy. They’re only trashy if you make them that way… -.-‘ But yeah it’s your body, do what you want. =]

Answer #6

well im bi I think turn on but I think nasty werid huh lol well I say nah

Answer #7

I say nay. I agree with him, they are gross and trashy looking.

Answer #8

I don’t like them. But the again I don’t like most piercings.

Answer #9

it is abnormal weired behavior and diffidently ugly

Answer #10


Answer #11

Its your body do what you want.

Answer #12

Nay. Especially on girls :/

Answer #13

sexy. on both guys and girls :)

Answer #14

I want mine done but my boyfriend thinks ill look weird because I dont have big boobs :(

Answer #15

SEXY! Men and women. They’re only trashy if you go around showing everyone, otherwise, No one really seee’s them!! It also increases sensitivity which is why a lot of females get it done. Anyone who has enough guts to go do it is cool in my book. Show’s that they really don’t care all that much what people think of them, it’s verry controversial piercing!

Answer #16

Sexy! As long as you don’t go around showing EVERYONE then how can it be trashy? No one see’s it! Anyone with enough balls to do get there nipple pierced are cool in my book :) Especially with all the controversy about it! Show’s that they don’t care all that much what other people think. It also increases sensitivity ;)

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