What do you think my friends will think of me wearing make-up?

I am a girly girl at heart, and I always have been. However, I feel like being a girly girl is a bad thing, so I don’t wear make-up of anything. I’ve decided I am tired of this, and so I’m going to start wearing make-up everyday. The thing is everyone in my grade knows me as a girl who doesn’t wear make-up or anything. What do you think they will think when they see me with make-up?

Answer #1

they may be surprised at first but they’ll get used to it.. just dont over do it to much on the make up it’ll be fine.. I did the same thing when I was in middle school and peoples reactions was actually funny

Answer #2

I think it’s fine. My mother allowed me to start wearing makeup when I was in sixth grade, however I didn’t actually start until I was in tenth grade. I would recommend maybe starting over the summer or a long break where everyone hasn’t seen you for a while. It’s what I did

Answer #3

do whatever yoou want, as long as its not alooot of makeup/ too much im sure it would be fine. if your friends judge you about it, then they arent really your friends. do what makes you happpy(:

Answer #4

I remember when I used to layer my eyeliner on and then one day I just started wearing coverup to school and that was it , everyone thought I was really pretty . I’ve only worn coverup since. sometimes change can be better. If you want to wear make-up go ahead it is your choice not theres and even though natural is always prettier , wearing make-up will not make you ugly. just don’t over due it like I did when I layered my makeup.

Answer #5

well im the same way and I never wear make up so thats what my friends are used to…I think yu should stay natural and just wear make up every now and then…if yu start wearing it everyday your friends might be surprised..well it just depends on how much you put on…if yu put on a whole lot then they’ll be surprised but theres ways to put on make up so yu don’t look like yu have on a mask..personally I think you should just b urself and that you shouldn’t change 4 your friends

Answer #6

This reminds me of when my younger cousin suddenly showed up to a family party with make-up on. I mean I guess I should have expected it, she was only going to keep getting older, and eventually make-up was inevitable. But she looked nice, and I said so and she said thank you. I don’t think anyone would give you a hard time for wearing make-up. It’s something that every girl does eventually.

Answer #7

maybe just start with a bit? like a wee bit of mascara? then after like a month start with eyeliner too and its just uphill from there!!

Answer #8

it does depend how old you are, but who cares what they think!! if you want to wear makeup especially if you’re a girly-girl, then do it!! nobody’s going to think of you different just because you’re wearing a little makeup. just don’t over-do it!!!

Answer #9

I’m new to this website so sorry if it doesn’t work. But you should ignore the negative comment’s the community gives to you. And be thankful for the good one’s. If make-up is something you would like to you then use it. Usually I would say go by your natural look. But if you want make-up go for it :D

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