What do you think does she really like me?

This is for my matee - What do you think of it all?

She says she loves me… But she lies all the time.

She spends more time with her mates than she does me and she always lets me down.

She also likes to play with my emotions.

Answer #1

Ok, let me get this straight…this question is being asked through you by your friend?

Obviously this girl is not serious about the relationship - lying alone is enough cause not to have faith in her.

I suggest you forget her and find a girl who will respect you.

Answer #2

Why would you even be with her or like her. She doesn’t care about you - so you should not care about her.

Answer #3

I have this feeling that this girl is only saying that she loves you because she wants to play with your emotions.

Answer #4

umm if she is toying with your emotions and lies a lot then I dont think it will work good

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