What do you think?Does he like me?Or should I forget about him?

how can I know if he likes me?I met a very handsome and popular boy in our town a few weeks ago.we don’t go to the same school,but we have some extra classes together once a week.in our group there is one more girl that doesn’t like the fact he is in our group and because of this she always ignores him and doesn’t talk with him at all.last week she didn’t come so I and him finally talked.here are the things he has done since we met:he always but always stares openly at me,and doesn’t care if I catch him,he just keeps staring and looking deep in my eyes;whenever I enter the room he starts checking me out;his leg sometimes touches mine,but he doesn’t move it away;when our teacher calls the other girl’s name he looks at me,but he knows well our names;we talked only once and I started asking him a few questions than he kept asking me other questions and listened very carefully at what I had to say;after classes we went together home,because we headed almost in the same direction;he was polite becuase he opened the doors for me,let me walk in front of him,cut him in line(I’m suprised because most of his friends are jerks,that would never do this);overall he seemed happy we started talking.we won’t see each other again until january next year.my question is does he like me or is he trying just to be friendly?a couple of people told me there is a big chance that he likes me.what do you think?should I forget about him?if he likes me,is there a chance he won’t forget about me and we could get together next year?

Answer #1

I think he definently likes you, or you at least caught his eye. you shudve made an effort to talk to him tho, because then he wud have rememberd yu a lot more. But dont give up hope, at the same time, dont limit yourself to a guy your going to end up waiting a whole year for.

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