What do you think bout my tattoo idea?

Okay so I want to get a tattoo on my left shoulder blade of a pair of dueling pistols. My sister collects them and I always thought they looked f*ing cool, so if you think theres some deep meaning behind them…fraid not :-S She just turned me onto them and I think it would look really great in that area. I already have two tattoos ( one on my wrist of a peace sign and one on my lower abdomen of two stars). So..whats the verdict?

Answer #1

If you get them crossed, like this:


You’ll fit right in as an MP

Answer #2

Love it :)

Answer #3

get it done

Answer #4

that sound cool ,…might get it done myself,…how about one duelling pistol on each shoulder,…look much better,…xx

Answer #5

sound good yuu go fro it x

Answer #6

sounds pretty dam brilliant! I’ve got two tattoos, getting my third in january on my shoulder too! hehe definately go for it (Y) :)x

Answer #7

that sounds awesome, go for it :D

Answer #8

Ugh sorry but I don’t like franclyns idea . . I dunno if I like tattoos on shoulders ? But it sounds pretty cool :DD but remember you’ll have it forever and you don’t wanna look like one of those wired biker Grannys do you :L x

Answer #9

If you’ll like it for your whole life, get it.

Answer #10

I say DO NOT GET IT. I do not think random tattoos of stars, and peace signs and guns are the greatest idea. You’ll get sick of them someday and regret. That is why tattoos with meanings and stories behind them are more worth getting. Frankly ill just say thats random things like stars and what not are flat out stupid and unoriginal. Im not against tattoos in the slightest way either. I have tats myself. ( chest piece, half sleeve on my left arm, one on my upper right arm, and more) But they ALL have meaning and mean somethings special to me. Im not telling you not to get it because I am trying to be a b*tch, im telling you because youll probably regret it in the end and wish you would have listened. If you want more tattoos, get some with a real story and point behind them, not just cause you like stars, or pistols, or peace signs. But its your body and you’ll obviously do what you please with it. Just really consider if your always going to want a tattoo of that. Does is really say something about YOU.

Answer #11

haha heyybuddy how did you know I wanted to look like a biker granny?! Thanks for all the awesome advice people…I’m convinced.

Answer #12

I say get whatever you like since it’ll be with you forever and forget about everyone else :-) I usually wait like 4-6 months or longer before actually getting a tattoo b/c I want to make sure I still feel the same way about it. ha who knows how I’ll feel years from now though.

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