What do you think about this tat?

OK, I’m thinking about a new tattoo and wanted your opinion. 2 Nautical Stars across my chest. Look good or look bad?


Answer #1

do it. im sure it’ll look hot!

Answer #2

I’m going to :)

Answer #3

I agree with thedude - don’t let others make the choice for you. It’s your body, not theirs so it’s 100% YOUR choice. I personally think it’s a great idea. All tattoos are. Why? Because they each have some kind of meaning to the person who got them. Maybe it’s a memorial thing for someone who’s passed on, maybe you and your best friend or boyfriend/girlfriend got something to symbolize your relationship, maybe it’s your favorite animal, or maybe, it’s just something you thought looked awesome. Whatever the case - it’s all up to you. Whatever you choose will be perfectly cool. Why? Because YOU decided it. If you like it, it’s awesome. Your the one who’s getting it, not us… so get whatever you want to. Good luck and let me know what if you decide to go with the nautical stars or not!

Answer #4

my husband has the two nautical stars on his chest and its mad sexy… go for it…guys look good with especially if theyve got hod bods.

Answer #5

I think the stars sounds really weird. A cooler think to do is a phrase on the back or neck, or hold up your hands and look at your fingers. Exclude your thumbs. You can put a letter on each finger and then when you hold up your fists they will spell something :D

Answer #6

Looks is in the eye of the beholder. Do you think it looks good? If so get it.

The only issue I have with it is the unoriginality. I personally know 5 people with the same tat.

Answer #7

I’ve got tats all up my arms and all these years later I really regret then

I had them on my hands too and spent £60 per square CM having them removed with laser 0_0

Answer #8

go for it good luck

Answer #9

STARs? Why does everyone get stars? In my opinion I dont know why anyone would get stars anywere on theire bdy. Aren’t tattoos about sharing your individuality and your art. How is it individual if MILLIONS of people have them?

Why don’t you get somthing meaningfull. Like a childrens name, a birth date, your star sign or anything else that is personal to only you. they are the best tattoos

Answer #10

The thing about tattoos (if you don’t already have one yourself) is that YOU will see it a billion times more than anybody else.

So If you let somebody else decide, you’re doomed to unhappiness. If you are good with the design, go for it. A chest tattoo is also hidden from most people, so it won’t become an employability issue for you :)

Answer #11

…how generic…

Come up with something more original.

Answer #12

go for it, I think it will look and hot :D

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