What do you think about this name for a baby girl?

I am having a baby girl in July. We can't decide between Vanessa Ashlynn or Rosalie Lillian. I like Rosalie. My fiancé like Vanessa. Which name do you think is better?

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When giving a name, please consider what it will sound like with the kids last name.

Do not make it rhyme. Lillian Milligan would be a prime target for bullies at school. Rosalie Milligan will not.

If you have an alliteration (both names starting with the same letter or syllable) like Rosalie Rosenbaum this might be cool.

Stay within the language of the last name. Ashlynn Roberts is cute, but Ashlynn Mbwango or Ashlynn Phan-Tau would be odd.

Look for the Number of syllables and the accentuation. Classic poetry has those accentuation rythm schemes. Look at those. RO-salie, ASH-lynn and LIL-li-an are all accented at the first syllable. va-NES-sa is accented at the second. What's you last names scheme? Make it the complete name easy to speak.

If you have a very long last name, short first names are good. So if your last name has more than three syllables, like Featherstonehaugh, I'd prefer Ashlynn, because it's shortest.
If you have a short last name like Smith I'd use one of the three-syllable names.

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We might have a second kid but not for probably not till I turn at least 20 cause 18 or 19 seems alittle early to have two kids. I like your choice because I just love then name Rosalie. I have the perfect name and it's non of them up there either. Rosalie Alice Cambell *insert really girly squeal here* Its perfect yay!

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Put the names in a hat and just draw one...that way no one loses and no one wins and your daughter's name is left to fate. You could even put first names in one draw and middle names in another and create a random mix of the names you and your fiance like. It'll be an interesting story to explain to her why she's named what she is when she's older. :)

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Hm I like Vanessa Ashlynn, but Rosalie Lillian is very pretty. Maybe you can take names from both of them and then put it together. Vanessa Rosalie ? Or re-arrange and mix up. I really like the Ashlynn part. :)

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Are you planning a second kid? If you do, keep two of the names for a potential younger sister.

If you don't:
Vanessa Rosalie Lillian Ashlyn Cambell
Not too bad either. :-)

Cambell is a good last name for all the names you picked. Not too long, not too short, not a rhyme. Sounds harmonic with all 4.

I personally don't like the 'Vanessa Ashlynn Cambell' combination, because of the rythm. It starts unaccented and its very regular. Makes the entire piece of art a little monotonous. But that might be just me.

My favorite is the 'Rosalie Ashlynn Cambell' combination. For... well.. no reason other than personal taste. :-)

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My last name and hers will be Cambell soon so either sounds nice. Vanessa Ashlynn Cambell, Rosalie Lillian Cambell, Vanessa Rosalie Cambell, Rosalie Ashlynn, Vanessa Lillian Cambell, or Ashlynn Lillian. Eeeerrrggg it's a tough decsion.

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rosalie lillian for suree

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I really like the vanessa and the ashlyn :)

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=D my name is Ashlyn (just one n =]) so I think you should use that part at least =)

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I think Rosalie Ashlynn is very nice, personally.

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Thanks. I like Lillian Ashlynn and Rosalie Vanessa. Errrggg this is hard to decide on.

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How about Lillian Ashlynn? All the names are really pretty though. Congrats btw :D

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