What do you think about this?!

For the guy im in love with: I wrote this. What do you think?

You’re more than a friend I felt it from the start Something gripped inside me And wrapped around my heart

I can’t explain what happened Nor do I care to try Should I act upon my urge Or do I let it pass by?

I try not to analyze What fate has in store Although I have my wishes For what’s behind the door

Maybe I’m a fool for believing what I feel it could be just “a thing” But yet it seems so real

As long days pass me by Time will only tell If you and I are meant to be Fate will wish us well

So as I wait for answers Your friend I will always be Loving you from a distance As you’re a friend to me . .

Answer #1

awesome !!! I love it !!!

Answer #2

thats really good. you should write poetry

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