What do you think about england?

This is not a real question just a bit of fun I was wondering what other people though odf when they think of england I want to see if it matches with what I think of england andpeople from other countries

Just anything in general like: Food? Sports? People? Films?

Anything which you associate with england Thanks :d

Answer #1

I think of… mints and tabacoo british accents (which I loveee) “blooody hell!” and soccer of course!! but only club teams live liverpool <3

Answer #2

things there are cheap food gawjuss accents are cool sorta ignorant (SOME) ehm Man-U are the best go ryan giggs no ii aint from england

Answer #3

so seems like everyone knows the accent lol also food is popular then again noone can beat good old fish’n’chips

Answer #4

I think of clouds and rain when I think of england and of course the accents. lol.

Answer #5

Well every time I have played with someone on Xbox Live from England they tend to be really obnoxious, screaming, and yelling at other players. Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to insult them or anything it’s just what I’ve experienced.

Answer #6

I’m from newcastle in england and Its awful the weathers crap, the people are goons, the food is alright and well our accents are awful no one can understand us we talk what to fast. The only good thing about england is ya can go out drinkin when your 18 well actually ya can go out before that not many clubs check for ID I’ve been drinkin since was 13.

Answer #7

eng pwns british empire pwned most of the world ;) back in the day :S

Answer #8

I think of Winston Churchill, soccer and Big Ben haha…I don’t know lol

Answer #9

I think of my G-pa because he’s from there haha and I want an english accent XP

Answer #10

absolutly maaad :)

I live in AUS but im from england and I dont have the accent ><

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