What do you think about being youself?

I heard this saying “its hard to find out who you really are” and you really have to think to find out. It made me wonder because I got friends that I hang out with and im just not me. I dont feel like its myself I don’t know what to think anymore… have you ever heard that or been through this?

Answer #1

I find myself lost on the daily too,maybe to a deeper level if you know what I mean…hopefully this phase ends soon.. I’ve came up with some solutions though.. Stay consistent— chicks love it (tell me not) Stay active Don’t let you bring you down…(mentally or physically) Don’t see ugly when starring in the mirror. Be friendly

Hope this helps.

Answer #2

right know this second I can’t find myself everyday I wonder and get all frustruated!! I don’t know who I am and I complitly agree to that statement because it’s being so hard for me!!

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