Is "A Walk to Remember" a good Valentine's Day movie?

do you think the movie “ A Walk To Remember” is a good idea to see it on valentimes day with your boyfriend?

Answer #1

Yeah, kind of depends on the guy though. I don’t think I could even trick my boyfriend into watching that one. Most guys don’t like those kinds of movies. But, since its valentines, might be an exception.

Answer #2

I love that movie!! yeahh it’s great!! so is the notebook, never been kissed, when harry met sally, love actually, pretty women, and my ALL TIME favorite; little manhatten

Answer #3

sure, but there’s others that are a bit better then that movie…sorry, but I can’t think of any others right now…:/ I just saw one and almost made me cry, BUT I CAN’T THINK OF THE BLOODY NAME!!!

Answer #4

yes, it’s very romantic

Answer #5

ok thank you! your adiveces really help

Answer #6

Ugh. I hate that movie. But I guess its good for V-Day if you’re going for that mushy, lovie-dovie mood.

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