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My boyfriend and I have been dating for over 2 years we are 21 years old. I am legally blind and am not able to drive so I can't just get in the car and go places whenever I want to. My boyfriend is a couch potato all he wants to do is sit around playing video games and watching tv. He never really wants to go out and do anything which I think has to do with not spending money he seems kind of controlling when it comes to money. He doesn't seem to even want to go do things that don't cost money like going to the gym on campus, and doing different events that our university throws which would be free. When he does carry me out its like he doesn't want to spend much money at all on me. Recently we started goig bowling once a week with my family which only costs him $10 for both of us and then the other day he told me that we have to stop doing that because the $10 a week would add up too much. That is pretty much the only thing that we actually do besdies just sitting around watching tv and stuff. SO I took it like that he couldn't even spend $10 on me a week when he does have the money to do it. It also made me think about our future thinking that if we actually got married then that would probably be the way it would be to where I would be sitting at home all the time not able to go anywhere since I can't drive. This is not the first time that we have had this discussion about us going out and doing things but it still hasn't changed and I honestly don't know if it ever will. If you could tell me what yall think and give me some advice I would appreciate it. Thanks