What do you know about crop circles ?

I have a project to do on them by tomorow. & some help would be nice. What do you know about them ? They have to be true facts. Thanks.

Answer #1

True fact.: A lot of crop circles are faked.

Answer #2

crop circles are made by teenagers who want to play a prank. I know this because you can hire sumone to make a crop circle on yellowpages.com. this proves it

Answer #3

yes some crop circles are a hoax. However most of them are completely unexplainable. First of all they are way to perfect for people to pull off. The complexity of them are above any human possibilities. Second the way the corn is bent over without breaking is practically impossible for people to pull off. Third it would take entirely too much time for people to get done without being caught. I think it is amazing and no doubt something unexplainable. Also you have to think there is some other intelligent life out there somewhere!

Answer #4

check this link: [link removed]

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