What do you give a person who has everything?

For christmas...I can never seem to impress him because he has a little bit of everything: clothes, cars, jewlery, cologne ,tools, electronic gadgets, and so on...

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Instead of buying him something, why not make something? By making him a gift, you're giving him something money CAN'T buy. :)

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well what I did for my mom is I built her a chair and it works mabey you can make him something kewl some thing he will love like a kewl looking hat what ever you give him he will love it and he will still love you

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u could give him something that was not bought from a store but like a pic colage. all my friends love it when I give them a new one. I use a couple of sayings that they say a lot and I use their name and even some clip art. fun mail me if you want to see an example

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how about an itunes card? you can never have too much music!

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does he have any pets? does he have any love? :P give him a hug!!!

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