What do you do before you answer the questions?

Do you read the answers on questions before you answer the questions?

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I learnt the hard way that reading the persons profile is a must before answering questions. when I first started on here I gave advise on some sexy things to do for your one year aniversery for your husband to see that it was a 14yr old or somthing like that lol. so yes I always try to read the profile first. We learn eventually.

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I agree with what everyone is saying here. I try to read all the answers but sometimes they get really repetitive and I start to give up. I also find I give up if people are writing in capitals or without paragraph breaks - I can't concentrate without some space.

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It depends. If there are either tons of answers, or only a few but very lengthy answers, I may not read all of them. However, like kiasu said, sometimes people just give the same advice which isn't very helpful to the asker. Either way, as long as you read the question, you should be alright! (and I read both answers and the question on this question ;))

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Depending on the question, I look to see how old the user is then I answer. So I know what type of answer to give. I don't read previous answers, I sometimes do after I give my advice. Basically because I usually have a thought right away and I don't want to lose that thought so I give my advice right after looking at their age.

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Sometimes but usually go right into my answer so as not to cloud my train of thought.

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Many people do not read through existing answers which can often result in duplicated advice.

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you don't have to read the answers just make sure you read the question.:)

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Usually, unless there's like 20 answers, or someone's answer is more than a page long...

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Sometimes I read the answer to make sure I don't say what somebody already said.

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Good point bigmumma,
I made the same mistake.

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