What do you do if you're obsessed with celebrities?

what do you do if your obsessed with celebrites?

Answer #1

Snap out of it ! - you’re not dealing with reality - stay there and you’re in denial while the world passes you by…I wish you the best !!

Answer #2

hunnie I got the same problem so what can you do just keep reading intouch and star and all that and try hard to become one

<3 aNgeL

Answer #3

I don’t get it either…

They’re just people. I’ve met some famous people that I liked. They were happier to talk with a calm, collected person, rather than a screaming fanatic.

Answer #4

get a life…

Answer #5

Move to Beverly hills.

Answer #6

Get some councelling. Just enjoy it as a hobby. Don’t go over the top with it, you’re life does not revolve around it.

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