What do you all think

Trudence Noella Rae

Answer #1

Its okay but its even better if you like it… I’m naming my son phineas al-nil and I’m pretty sure a lot of people dont like it, but I love it and my family does too…its your baby,its a gift only you should give to your child that she will have forever…dont depend on other peoples opinions.

Answer #2

I like it. I want to name my daughter(if I have one) Lillian Abigail and if I have a son I want to name him Hunter Jaudon(jah-dawn).

Answer #3

For a baby girl

Answer #4

I like it but it would be better if you switched the middle and first names with eachother

Answer #5

I’m not too crazy about the first name, but I do like the other two! But if you like it - go with it!

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