what do you think of this poem I wrote? pleqse feedback

What happens when things seem to go to fast? And the good things in life never last She wakes up every morning and stares in the mirror Her mom calls her name yet she doesn’t want to hear her The reflection doesn’t match her personality And she can’t face her life’s reality. She has to live up to her parents rule Her life has to be perfect in school. Dealing with the pressure and trying to fit in with her friends. She doesn’t say it but she has to pop pills so for her life wont end. On the outside she looks as if she’s kind and gentle like a flower, Yet on the inside she wants to pop pills every hour. Failing to show how she really feels, Now she doesn’t eat her meals. Crying her self to sleep every night. Trying to get everyone out of her sight. She stares at herself in the mirror, Trying to get her picture clearer. What happens when it all goes wrong? And you feel as if life’s a never ending song. So she turns to drugs as a cure. Except now she’s addicted and the pain is the only thing she can endure. All she wants is to live life like the fairytales. Ever day she faces harder trails. Maybe as the days pass by, she will get stronger. But then again who knows life might get a little longer.

Answer #1

nahh its not about me, and thank you, its about my best friend who passed away.

Answer #2

Haha, I wouldn’t. Besides… Even if I lied and said I did, I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. I’m terrible at writing poetry! haha!

Answer #3

Very good poem. I would say go on poetry.com and submit it in the contest and I bet you could win a big prize for it and have it published in a book with your name on it. Very good. Keep it up. And if this is about you, life does get better. Try getting off those pills. Trust me, I used to do all sorts of drugs/alcohol/huffing and when I got off all of it, I was happy and still am..

Answer #4

LoL woww haha, allright suree knock urself out ;)

Answer #5

hahaa you serious? sure no problem, just as long as you dont act like you wrote it =]

Answer #6

This poem is amazing! Do you think I could save it to my desktop? :)

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