What do you think of technology in football? (soccer)?

Everyone could see that Thierry Henry blatantly handed the ball in the Ireland Vs France game. Now Ireland who played absolutely brilliantly are out of the World Cup, and dont say its not a big deal its just a game. Ireland deserved to go through and France deserved to rot in hell for there cheating and lack of sportsmanship. They had the choice of replaying the game but Raymond Domenech the French manager decided to take his money and run. and if Henry would have owned up as soon as he did it we wud be in the finals. And just for the record he handed it TWICE one after the other. >=( I hate him.

Answer #1

I think that the technology is doing okay. But it’s pretty ashame that refs still don’t look up to the replays to judge the plays,fouls, and offsides committed during the games.

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