What do you think of partyboy corey?

This question is 4 all pplz all ova the world since this guy went worldwide… Ok if you have lost memory of corey or actually dont know who he is well he was that melbo 16 yr old guy that held that party @ his house and it gt advertised on the net and 500 teens turned up and it went wrong…if this still doesnt help you go on youtube and type in partyboy corey or corey worthington or corey delaneyn you will c many vidz bout him!

Just 2 let you know im a fan of his!…:) Good luck on your national and international tours corey! I meet him aswell! Awesome as!

So…what do you think of partyboy corey?

Answer #1

I think he’s just some idiot that threw a huge party.. it’s really no big deal lol but okay..

Answer #2

he’s sweet

Answer #3

This kiid is ausome I’m from Australia so it was all over out news but the press carryed on to much their all sooks. If he ever sees this mate I’m looking for a break as a house dj through a party and I’ll do me beat

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