What do you need to do and not do while you are preg?

I am preg for the first time. I would like to know what to do to make it easier and help my baby healthier, and what should I not do?

Answer #1

Go to a book store! There are heaps of baby books in books store, I promise you will find out about anything on concieving, during and after pregnancy! How to keep your baby healthy in and out! Go there! You will find more in books stores then on here. :)

Answer #2

I am a month pregnant and have done a lot of research, keep doing excersise it will make it easier for you to lose weight after, make sure your careful and dont get yourself in situations where you could be hurt, caffeine is bad for the baby so you will want to stay away from coffee and energy drinks. You might want to take extra vitamins and if not make sure you are eating everything needed and just go with your instinct on what you feel like eating. No alcohol, and try to smoke the least possible including second hand smoke.

Answer #3

calories are your best friend. if you smoke dont quit cold turkey gradually cut down till you can quit. DO NOT have more than ONE drink a day and really nothing harcore. stay away from cat litter. stay active the more active you are and the better shape you stay in the quicker your belly will bounce back. dont run later into your pregnancy you could induce labor. ill post more as I think of it

Answer #4

the prob with going to a book store would be money.mine and my familys money is tight

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