What do teen guys think about a girls weight?

This is more for guys between 13-17yrs old.my boyfriend has nvr said anything or done anything to make me think hes unhappy with my weight ,but a couple of guys at skwl have made comments nothing really rude but still it shook me up a bit.I askd my boyfriend and he thought I wz crazy and said I wz skinny and shud eat more.of course I care what he thinks but I still wounder weathr all guys c me as skinny im 13 and weigh 122lbs I think thts pretty normal what do you GUYS think and girls too:)

Answer #1

I would consider you as average. To be honest, most guys don’t look for SKINNY girls as they have nothing to hug, hold, kiss or make love to. My girl friend thinks the same but I cant convince her that I am incredibly attracted to her as she is!!

Answer #2

I was always self-conscious about my body. I would occasionally get picked on for my weight, even though I wasn’t fat. I would always get really nervous when buying new clothes and stuff. But when I met my boyfriend, he says he loves my body, because I have a nice booty. :P and that my mid section is kind of in the shape of a guitar. xD So it varies on what guys like.. Some guys like a little cushion for the pushin ;) And some guys just go for the Skinny chicks with big boobs. :)

Answer #3

I think in this world today lads are attracted to the gorgious “fit” girls, like the ones with “nice” boobs and a nice ass. but very few actually pluck up the courage to ask the dead gorgious ones out. I say the reason the don’t say anything about their girls weight is cus he might think that your perfect the way your are and that they wouldn’t want to change them for anything in the world. I say your skinny and that you should ignore what those losers said, cus they’re ignorant lads, they should bow it out their asses. be confident with who you are. and igonore the people who don’t matter

Answer #4

i;m a 14 year old girl, and i get called fat by other guys that i’m not dating, but i know i’m not. my best advice is too just be confident with yourself and not to let them show you that it bothers you (: those guys are only saying that cause they want to date you but the reality is, they’re just ruining their chances. but 122 pounds is way normal for a 13 year old girl cause your weight will change just like the rest of you.in like 2-3 months i went from 104 to 120 pounds but i still looked the same. lol. just don’t let those little boys bother you. they will grow up, your just growing up faster then them.

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