What do police do if your caught smoking under age?

can they give you a criminal record, if you smoke under age?? do they fine you?? it all sound a bit drastic!! like what are they going to say? ' your a bad little girl?' or is it more serious?

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I think they just take you home and tell your parents and you get a warning but if your caught again by them I think your parents get in trouble

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where I live, they make you go to tobacco classes, and yes tell your parents.

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I've been caught when I was 15 and they did nothing, it's no big deal.

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thanx guys, I don't want to get my folks in trouble, I'll b xtra carefull

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hey thanx reece!!! oh by the way I'm jasmine if you were wondering!! do you still smoke>??

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I doubt that you'd get a criminal record but then again I could be wrong. I would imagine that it would just be a warning you receive and your parents are told.

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Smoking cigarettes is not illegal.. only selling it to minors.. Smoking Weed on the other hand could land you into heaps of trouble.. But cigarettes.. Ah nothing will happen.. if they want to arrest you.. go with them.. when you arrive at the cop shop..ask for your lawyer immediately and tell them you going to sue for false arrest.. you will be outta there quicker than you can light a cigarette

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me and some friends got caught smoking and he toook our cigs I don't think its right but we have to clean the place up or he will tell my parents they no I smoke but they wudnt like were. o did I mention we were trespassing lol but I've been looking for a while and all I've seen is that its illegal to sell to a minor for a minor to buy then and for someone to buy them for a minor but nothing about smoking them and possesion of them yet I am still looking because I think its bs we should b able to do what we want I no I don't do it to look kewl but its calming

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Nice to meet you jasmine LOL

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I just got caught with being out after curfew. And the cop searched me and found Cigaretts in my pocket. Im woried when my Curfew fine comes in the mail, it will be on the fine that I had cigaretts. :(

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Well, I guess you already know this phrase that smoking is injurious to health, If you are an addict then please visit this link and get off this addiction.

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