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What do I need to start an npo?

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Hello. I am 13 years old and I want to start an non profit orginaztion. The cause would be saving the earth. I have the name and causes but I dont know what I need. I have my parents concent.can anyone list what I would need to start it. I could start up a website and things like that. I am going to talk to my counsler at school to see if she can help me to find out what I need to do.our main cause would be saving the oceans and cleaning up beaches. I know theyre are tons of npo's already but I want to start my own. Our money would all go to places and companys that clean up the world. I would be willing to spend any amount of money to start one . Please help. I am truly dedicated to saving our planet. I have some people who will join.but can anyone tell me what I need please!