What do I have to do to have a happy sex life?

I’m married to a lady who has been married more than once before. when we first got together, sex was great and she wouldn’t let me go down on her with giving me head as well. she even once said that she swallows and did it once just to prove it.

Now we are married, she won’t let me go down on her, refuses to give me head and prefers to use her hand on me that letting me inside her. that is rare enough and in the three months since marriage I have been inside her less than 10 times.

I’m suffering in this marriage and would like any tips on how to get her to want me.

Answer #1

Hun have you tried talking to her? That might help, and I would have to say from experience that us women have hormone changes too depending on the age. I know my husband has seen a little from me, lol. But anyways, Communication is probably your best answer. I wish I could help more. When you talk to her don’t sound hateful, or rude. That will lose her attention for real.

:) have a nice day :)

Answer #2

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