What to i get my boyfriend for his 18th birthday?

what can I get my boyfriend for his birthday that is under $100

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I just turned 18 July 1 and my girlfriend took me out to see a live show of Greese the musical. She also got me a bear i could sleep with and she sprayed some of the stuff she uses on it so it smells like her.
I'm not sure how much this one cost but she got me a relic watch from JC Penny.
Another idea is a picture of you two in a frame.
Go out to a nice restruant if u guys are into that.
Plan out a days event like a concert
Surprise him by making dinner
Hope that helps

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A Fancy lookin watch!

What to get my boyfriend for his 18th birthday?
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Ok so basically, when my boyfriend turned 18 I bought him a pony. He already had all the jodpers and saddle and stuff because he's wanted a pony all his life. I know it's pretty crazy but I decided I'd go for it! He keeps it in my garden because, obvis, stables are waaay expensive and that way, I get to see him EVERY day!
So yeah. Other presents I've go him include the ususals - a watch, a wallet - and then I've gone crazy a couple of other times and got him stuff like a really cute vintage car (just a small one!) and I bought him a holiday house for this summer too because I really wanted to get away and spend some time with him ALONE ;).
We;ve been together 3 months, 2 days and 7 hours and I can't imagine my life without him. He's my rock. He is also a drain on my finances, as you can probably guess but he's sooo worth it.
Basically, if you really loved your boyfriend, it should be easy to get something.

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I'm really struggling with this too... he keeps giving bigger and bigger presents to me starting with £500 tiffany necklace (how can I top that?! I'm skint!) and I spent £400 this christmas (which is a lot for me) on him and its his birthday in a month, I'm all out of money but I can't give him something rubbish I always end up giving him homemade things and I don't think he's all that keen on them, but to do anything personal a certain amount of money needs to be spent. We're in it for the long run so I don't mind spending a lot but if I don't have the money there's nothing I can do. And I know he hates the idea of romantic treasure hunts (I think they're cute) but he is romantic and appreciates a bit of romance. Ah! The issues that come with a perfect boyfriend!

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my boyfriend is turning 18 tomorrow and as iwas reading I got some good ideas.. ok I will get our picture and put it in a frame and get my panties(the ones I wore when we fist had sex) spray some of the perfume iwas always wear around him and get him some colonge.. but since we go to school together imma put it in seprate bags,, the first bag I will put my panties that iwore when we first made love scented with his favorite spray of mine in it. and a pic that we took after my partywith me kissing him on his cheek while he was sitting on my couch eating my cake..(he will be carrying this around school,,unless he keeps it in the car) in the other bag( for his parents to see) will be a card that I will make and a bottle of colonge

hopes this helps! :)

What to get a 15-year-old boy for his birthday?
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my boyfriend is turning 18 on the 5th of november and I was thinking of doing like a scavanger hunt for him, for our ani I already got him a watch, so I'm thinking of 18 small but thoughtful gifts he would need to find, but the last one would be the biggest.. so like one could be a drawing I made, another could be the panties I wore the first time we made love, then a cupcake, then a video on youtube I dedicated to him, and well eventually I would get him a perfume:) just need to think of a bunch of things to give..

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I would either go for a watch, t-shirt, or a cd. Then use the rest of what you have saved up to go out to eat someplace nice or his faveorite restaurant.

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My boyfriend got head for his 18th birthday. He appreciated it. Cost nothing. :)

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do you know what stores he likes in the mall, etc? if you do, I would get him a gift card to that store. that is usually the best gift b/c of 2 reason: he will think it's thoughtful that you know what stores he likes (it shows how much you know him); and that way, he can get something that he likes (you don't have to worry about getting him something that doesn't fit, or something he already has).

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my boy is turning 18 on december 6th of this year, and im looking for something awesome, because its his 18th. he is the simple kinda guy, really strange, loves music, not into watching sports, I've been with him for 5 months, itll be 7 when his bday comes around but I've known him far much more longer. he's not really a drinker but he's pretty sexual. I dont wanna jsut give him sex tho.. cause we do that anyway. I wanna get him something he wants yet seomthing romantic that says I love you.. I do have a lot of money so anything would help..

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When shopping for the love in my life.. I always try to personalize something for him. Everything I have ever gotten him is personalized. I love to scrapbook. Ive spent many hours making a scrapbook for him thats beautiful. Also on customizedgirl.com they make custom tshirt that are adorable, and you pick everything that the shirt says, and design it yourself.

Ive made frames, and flannel blankets. I always buy him his favorite brand of clothing, or just anything that he will need.

My guy is allergic to dairy, and I have learned that a way to a mans heart is always through food. I cook him dairy free desserts all the time, and the one thing he always brags about is his girlfriend that bakes him his favorite things. Try making your man a dinner, or baking him his favorite things. Trust me- it impresses them more than you think!

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Gone are the days, when we used to consider men do not have style sense. Now, they are more concerned about their looks than ever. In my opinion you should give him a graphic or printed t-shirt. Go for the one with the print of his favourite movie or cartoon character. Even you can pick something having a funny quote or inspirational quote.

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