What do i get my 23year old girlfriend for her bday on friday ?

just need some ideas people im taking her on a romantic weekend away but I still need something as a prezzi about couple hundered £?

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okay girls LOVE designer bags(at least most of them) If my boyfriend would want to get me something I would want that.There was a sale in Bergdorf Goodman.I saw it on it's site.There is a very pretty Marc Jacobs bag and the price is 72 dollars.Can you believe that?? It is heaven

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my bday
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Jewelary, Perfume, new mobile, liguerie(benifits both of you lol), Or since your going away for the weekend why dont you just bring her shopping for some new outfits for the weekend...

Any good sales going on for Black Friday???
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a pretty bracelette, so you will always be wrapped around her ;-)

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